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Success stories on benefit-sharing measures

In the South, policies on benefit sharing - if any - are provided in laws and regulations on access to biological resources, sometimes in legislation on the protection of biological diversity, and - in the case of India - in its plant variety protection law. Countries with legislation on indigenous peoples' rights often include provisions on benefit sharing in these laws, which then also cover indigenous farmers. Despite all these efforts, so far there have been no examples of direct benefit sharing between providers and receivers of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture resulting from such legislation.

There are, however, other ways of sharing benefits, which are mostly not provided for in legislation, and often implemented by or through NGOs. Farmers generally participate more or less in the sharing of non-monetary benefits. In the international stakeholder survey carried out in 2005 (Andersen, 2005), the most frequently mentioned non-monetary benefits were:
   access to seeds and propagating material, and related information
   participation in the definition of breeding goals
   participatory plant breeding in collaboration between farmers and scientists
   strengthening of farmers' seed systems
   conservation activities, including local gene banks
   enhanced utilization of farmers' varieties, including market access

The 2005 survey showed that - for many reasons - benefit sharing is more promising when the point of departure is the farming communities that actually contribute to the maintenance of plant genetic diversity.

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Photo: Pratap Shrestha, Nepal