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Success stories on traditional knowledge related to agro-biodiversity

Most countries in the South which have taken account of the protection of farmers' traditional knowledge relevant to Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture in their legislation have done so through legislation regarding the protection of biological diversity in general. Bangladesh, Bhutan, Chile, India and Vietnam are examples here. Several countries have provisions pertaining to the protection of farmers' traditional knowledge in their regulations on access to genetic resources - for example, Ethiopia and the Philippines. Some countries have included such protection in legislation pertaining to indigenous peoples, as in Peru. A few countries have relevant provisions in their legislation on plant variety protection, such as India. Nevertheless, little has been achieved in terms of protection with regard to implementing such legislation, and thus there are few successes to highlight in this report.

Whereas such legislation is often targeted at protection against misappropriation of traditional knowledge, there are a range of other measures, not subject to legislation, which aim at protecting traditional knowledge from extinction. Typically these concern documentation and maintenance of the knowledge and activities related to gene banking. Many projects and programmes are being carried out in the South, often by NGOs, and often supported by NGOs in the North. Also in the North there are various programmes of this type, frequently carried out by - or supported by - government agencies.

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Photo: Pratap Shrestha, Nepal