To express recognition for the contribution of a farmer or farming community to the conservation and/or development of a variety, the name and further details of the farmer or the community may be mentioned in official records, such as variety registers, with their consent. Such cases may occur if varieties were conserved or developed by dedicated individuals or communities, or if they were co-developed in participatory breeding projects or programs.

By mentioning the name(s) of the farmers or communities, their contribution may become more visible, thus raising awareness of their role as farmer-breeders and local experts. It may also be a way of collectively acknowledging such contributions. Furthermore, the registration of farmer varieties may enable their wider use and offer protection against misappropriation, depending on the legal system of the country.

To facilitate the registration of farmer varieties, criteria for the registration of such varieties in the national registration system may need to be adapted, so that bureaucratic barriers and costs for farmers are reduced, and the specific characteristics of farmers’ varieties are adequately considered.

Example(s) of possible measures:

  • Recognizing farmers’ contributions by registering traditional varieties in the National Register of Varieties of Cuba (II) (Cuba/Latin America and the Caribbean). Click here
  • Participatory plant breeding to develop and release millet varieties for rain-fed areas of Sudan (Sudan/Near East). Click here