About this category of options

In Article 9.1 of the International Treaty, the Contracting Parties recognize the enormous contribution that the local and indigenous communities and farmers of all regions of the world have made and will continue to make for the conservation and development of  PRGFA. The role of farmers in centres of origin and crop diversity is particularly highlighted.

The past, present and future contributions of farmers in all regions of the world in conserving, improving, and making available PGRFA are also referred to in the Preamble of the International Treaty. These contributions of farmers are stated to be the basis of Farmers’ Rights. Contracting Parties and relevant stakeholders may thus like to make these contributions of farmers and farming communities visible, raise public awareness of their importance, express recognition, and appreciation, and/or encourage farmers and farming communities to continue their efforts for conserving and sustainably using PGRFA.

Measures under this category can also contribute to the protection of traditional knowledge (Article 9.2a) and to the equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilization of PGRFA (Article 9.2b), for example if active support is provided to custodian/guardian farmers and farming communities who engage in the conservation and sustainable use of PGRFA. Depending on how measures under this category are set up, other provisions of Art. 9 may also be relevant.

There are three options: