Promotional activities to strengthen consumer demand for products derived from the conservation and sustainable use of PGRFA may include food, agrobiodiversity or culinary fairs, traditional food festivals, exhibitions, or similar events.

The general aim of such activities is to raise interest of consumers and professionals, such as restaurant chefs and hoteliers, for traditional and/or new products made from PGRFA and stimulate demand. Awareness-raising activities may also strengthen initiatives for promoting agrobiodiversity for food, nutrition and health, from which farmers and farming communities may eventually benefit.

Stronger demand may, in the longer term, increase marketing opportunities for farmers and farming communities, thus enabling them to continue cultivating PGRFA that would otherwise be at risk of being lost. They may also be enabled to continue using, applying and disseminating related traditional knowledge, and to continue saving, using, exchanging and selling seed of local crops and varieties, subject to national law and as appropriate.

Since women and men may be involved in the conservation and sustainable use of different crops and varieties, implementing organizations may want to carefully consider how the interests and needs of women and men can be taken into account in the design of such events, so that they can equally benefit from the advantages and opportunities that may arise from them.

Example(s) of possible measures

  • Promotion of the commercialization and added value of agrobiodiversity of indigenous communities (Ecuador/Latin America and the Caribbean). Click here
  • Crop contest at the Genetic Diversity Fair (G-Difa) (Indonesia/Asia). Click here
  • The 21st National Olive Festival and Rural Products Exhibition (Jordan/Near East). Click here
  • Food Forever Initiative (Global). Click here