Sharing and disseminating traditional knowledge relating to PGRFA may take place through gatherings and events, such as workshops and seminars, farmers’ markets, seed festivals or fairs; or it may be facilitated through the formation of networks, associations or groups of custodian/guardian farmers, seed savers, etc. Such activities may also include cultural activities relating to PGRFA, such as for example storytelling as a way of collectively recalling and passing on traditional knowledge.

Besides facilitating contacts and a general exchange of knowledge and experiences, a focus may be on passing on or reviving practical skills, such as specific propagation techniques that are used for some crops, or the preparation of typical dishes. Following participatory approaches in the planning, implementation and dissemination of such activities can ensure that the interests and needs of participating farmers, including women, men and rural youth, are met.

Example(s) of possible measures:

  • Knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences between and among farming communities (Peru/Latin America and the Caribbean). Click here
  • Kålrotsakademien (The Swede Academy) (Sweden/Europe). Click here