Custodian/guardian farmers and communities may play a key role for in situ/on-farm conservation and management of PGRFA, especially as holders of highly specific traditional knowledge. They pass on values and skills relating to the conservation and management of PGRFA, set examples by putting such values to practice and provide other farmers and communities with seed and planting materials.

Their role and identity may be strengthened, for example, by recognizing them as experts and knowledge holders, by supporting knowledge exchange activities among such farmers and communities, through the formation of networks and associations, or by providing funds for their activities. Women, men and youth may have different interests and needs in this regard or prefer different types of activities and communication channels. Such differences may be useful to consider, to make sure that members of participating farming communities can benefit equally.

Representatives of such farmers and communities may also be invited to public events to highlight their important contributions to societal goals, e.g. to achieve food and nutrition security, or to contribute to biodiversity conservation.

Example(s) of possible measures:

  • Strengthening the identity of custodian farmers as a way to increase food security (Brazil/Latin America and the Caribbean). Click here
  • Promotion of agrodiverse peasant farms (Ecuador/Latin America and the Caribbean). Click here