Seed festivals and fairs may be set up as one-off or regularly recurring events; they may be organized as part of traditional celebrations or commemoration days. Farmers, including women, men and youth, may be invited to present farm-saved seed and propagating materials for exchange or selling to other participants. Visiting farmers may thus choose from a great diversity of PGRFA, while also having a possibility to exchange knowledge and experiences among each other.

By attracting participants from larger areas, e.g. various villages or provinces, such events can facilitate farmers’ access to a wide range of PGRFA. Seed festivals and fairs can thus offer opportunities for farmers to increase their portfolio of crops and varieties or to acquire seed of crops and varieties that may otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Authorities or organizations that invite to seed festivals or fairs, or host such events, may want to carefully assess any related risks of unagreed use or appropriation of specific PGRFA and/or associated traditional knowledge and take preventive measures that inhibit such acts.

Example(s) of possible measures:

  • Seed exchange fair - Muyu Raymi (seed festival) (Ecuador/Latin America and the Caribbean). Click here
  • Strengthening the local seed systems of Meghalaya and Nagaland (North-East India) through crop festivals, farmers seed exchanges and community seed banks (India)/Asia). Click here