A broad range of possible measures may be used to promote understanding and raise awareness of the overall concept and importance of Farmers’ Rights. Such measures include, for example, global, regional and national consultations or dialogue platforms, awareness campaigns, use of media and capacity building materials, and various forms of presentations to representatives of organizations, producers, and citizens in general.

Further possibilities include to use conferences and public events focusing on the conservation and sustainable use of PGRFA to highlight the concept and importance of Farmers’ Rights, or to set up alliances, partnerships and campaigns.

Women and men may have different information needs or use different information channels and forms of communication. By taking this into account in planning and implementation of awareness-raising events, objectives may be more effectively achieved.

Example(s) of possible measures:

  • Advocacy work for the implementation of Farmers' Rights in national laws (France/Europe). Click here
  • Promotion of Farmers’ Rights through awareness raising and capacity building materials (Malawi/Africa). Click here
  • Presentation of Farmers' Rights to representatives of organizations, producers, and citizens in general in Nicaragua (Nicaragua/Latin America and the Caribbean). Click here
  • Global consultations on Farmers' Rights (Global). Click here