To make media interested in Farmers' Rights can, however, be a challenge. Often it is useful to watch out for entry points in the hot topics of the current debates, such as the food crisis, climate change or for example new acts of legislation that are up for decision in the parliament. If you are able to convince about the crucial relevance of Farmers' Rights in such respects, the probability that media will get interested increases.

There are many possibilities of creating awareness through the media. These are some of the available options:

  • Invite media to participate in seminars and/or workshops for creating awareness on Farmers' Rights.
  • Produce press releases and/or conduct press conferences on Farmers' Rights related to relevant topics addressed in the media.
  • Produce articles on the situation of farmers and Farmers' Rights for newspapers and magazines.
  • Invite radio and/or television journalists for field visits to highlight crop genetic diversity in the country and the importance of Farmers' Rights. In such a context it is often useful to provide the journalists interesting stories of individuals illustrating the points you wish to make.
  •  Conduct seed diversity fairs, food diversity fairs, or other events, with focus on the importance of Farmers' Rights. Ensure that media is present.
  •  Produce flyers and other easily accessible material on Farmers' Rights (you can freely use material you find on this website) and ensure wide distribution.

Note to our readers: Please let us know if you have any experiences with media activities, which you deem interesting for other readers of this website. If you have any further suggestions of activities you think should be added to this list, please do also let us know. Contact us here


  • This approach is useful to create awareness in the public at large and among broader target groups such as farmers and consumers.
  • Successful media coverage might increase the momentum for the realization of Farmers' Rights and put more pressure on decision makers and practitioners.
  • As Farmers' Rights are often a low priority issue at the political level, increased public awareness might provide those units in the bureaucracy that seek to win attention for Farmers' Rights at the political level with better opportunities to do so.
  • Dependent on the contents of the media coverage and its dissemination, it might change consumer preferences and create more demand for products based on crop genetic diversity.


  • It might be energy and time consuming to seek attention from the media in countries where these are not easily accessible.