Adhikari, K., Bikundo, E., Chacko, X., Chapman, S., Humphries, F., Johnson, H., Keast, E., Lawson, C., Malbon, J., Robinson, D., Rourke, M., Sanderson, J., & Tranter, K. (2021). What Should Farmers' Rights Look Like? The Possible Substance of a Right. Agronomy (Basel)11(2), 367. 

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Farmers' Rights formally appeared in the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) as a means of recognising the past, present, and future contributions of farmers in conserving, improving, and making available the plant genetic materials that are important for food and agriculture. Discussions have been underway under the auspices of the ITPGRFA's Governing Body with the recent Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Farmers' Rights (AHTEG-FR) collecting together views, experiences, and best practices to produce an inventory and options for encouraging, guiding, and promoting the realisation of Farmers' Rights. While this is useful, this article reports on the outcomes of a workshop that applied a different methodology. Our purpose was to identify what could be and should be the substance of Farmers' Rights so that the policy substance drives the implementation rather than the AHTEG-FR's retro-fitting Farmers' Rights to existing views, best practices, and measures. The contribution of this article is to develop and set out a list of possible substantive Farmers' Rights as a contribution and foundation for further consultations and negotiations.