FAO. (2021). Farmers’ Rights – Module V (Second edition). Rome. 

Download the pdf here (PDF, 17MB).

This is the fifth educational module in a series of training materials for the implementation of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Lesson 1 describes the foundation of Farmers’ Rights, and the critical role played by farmers and indigenous communities in the conservation and sustainable management of PGRFA. It includes short narratives of the negotiations that led to adoption of Farmers’ Rights, as contained Article 9 of the International Treaty and how the concept has been enshrined in other international processes. Lesson 2 describes the different measures that can be undertaken to promote and protect Farmers’ Rights and its linkages with other International Treaty’s provisions on conservation and sustainable use of PGRFA. Lesson 3 describes some ideas and practical activities implemented by different stakeholders which demonstrate some of the ways in which the provisions of Farmers’ Rights can be put into practice, with varying degree of success.