Dinh, T. T. V. (2010).The international treaty on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture: an innovative tool for the management of the agri-phytodiversity [Phd-dissertation]. Université de Limoges. (French)

This thesis investigates the scope and application of the Plant Treaty through a detailed study of its concepts and mechanisms and the relationship between the Plant Treaty and other international texts (the CBD, UPOV, TRIPS). It analyses the effectiveness of legal means of implementation of the Treaty at regional, sub-regional and national levels. The establishment of this Multilateral System is seen as a new and innovative tool of the management of natural resources. This theses argues that it is an application of the concept of "common heritage of mankind" because it ensures that the genetic resources held under the sovereignty of individual States are available to others. The concept of farmers' rights in the treaty is seen as complementary to existing Breeders' Rights, recognizing the active role of farmers in the conservation of PGRFA. The identification of mechanisms for the successful implementation of these two facets, several of which are explored within the thesis, is according to the author essential to the success of the Treaty.