CIP-UPWARD. (2003). Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biodiversity: A Sourcebook. International Potato Center -Users' Perspectives With Agricultural Research and Development, Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines. 3 Volumes.

Download the pdf here (PDF, 2MB).

The appreciation for agricultural biodiversity has grown and matured, resulting in an increasing awareness that its valuation and use could contribute to long-term conservation and use. This sourcebook encourages action aimed at managing agricultural biodiversity resources within existing landscapes and ecosystems, in support of the livelihoods of farmers, fishers and livestock keepers. The publication is a compilation of field-based experiences by scientists, development specialists, academics, policy-makers and donors around the world; it consists of three volumes: 1) Understanding agricultural biodiversity, 2) Strengthening local management of agricultural biodiversity, and 3) Ensuring an enabling environment for agricultural biodiversity. It is designed for use by rural development practitioners and local administrators, as well as trainers and educationalists.