AFSA. (2022). Proposed legal framework for the recognition and promotion of farmer managed seed systems and the protection of biodiversity. (PDF, 4MB)

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About this document

This framework aims to ensure the recognition and protection of the right of farmers to define rules, based on their habits and customs, within their communities, networks, or other collectives, for the organisation of their seed activities, as well as the need for the State to accompany them in this.

The framework is based on the results of various farmers’ mobilisations that have taken place across Africa and the world, as well as on the reflections of farmers, experts and other national and international organisations that accompany them. The report was published in 2022 and is available on the AFSA website.

The report outlines the preliminary arrangements (e.g recognition of the past, present and future role of farmers in the selection, diversification, maintenance, and development of agricultural biodiversity), tools (e.g. national seed funds and regional farmers’ registers) and bodies (National/ Regional Farmers’ Seed Committees) to be put in place for the management of the farmers’ seed system, proposed rules for ensuring seed quality in farmers’ seed systems,  proposed rules for the production and circulation of farmers’ seed and the promotion of farmers’ participation in decision-making and the protection of farmers’ innovations and knowledge