FAO, 1985: Report of the Conference of FAO, Twenty-third Session, Rome, 9-28 November 1985, C 1985/REP.

At the following sessions of the FAO Council (the executive organ of the FAO Conference) and Conference in 1985, implementation of the International Undertaking was a subject, but no mention of Farmers' Rights as such was documented. The rights of plant breeders were, however, explicitly addressed at the Conference Session (paragraph 291). Due to the low number of countries adhering to the International Undertaking, countries were urged to spell out their reservations to this non-binding international agreement. Various members indicated that their national legislation, including plant breeders' rights, determined the degree to which they could adhere to the Undertaking. Several members were of the view that if the Undertaking was modified in this respect, more countries could adhere to it.