FAO, 1985: Report of the Commission on Plant Genetic Resources, First Session, Rome, 11-15 March 1985, CPGR/85/REP.

The First Session of the Commission on Plant Genetic Resources was held in Rome, 11-15 March 1985. At this session there was still no documented mention of Farmers' Rights. However, the Commission noted that 74 of the 156 FAO member nations had expressed support for the Undertaking; further, that several countries had indicated that they were not in a position to adhere to the agreement, or that they lacked the means to give effect to the commitments contained therein (paragraphs 7, 10 and 11). Urging these countries to respond positively, even though they might not manage to comply with all provisions of this non-binding agreement, the Commission considered the suggestion from some members that the text of the Undertaking should be modified (paragraphs 12 and 13). It recommended that the Secretariat prepare a paper, for consideration by the Commission at its next session, analysing countries' reservations to the Undertaking and delineating possible courses of action, including suggestions for possible interpretations of the text to increase acceptance of the Undertaking (paragraph 13).

The Commission also established a Working Group, chaired by its Chairman and consisting of 23 members from different country groups, to consider the progress made in implementing the Commission's programme of work and any other matters referred to it by the Commission (pararaphs 78-80). It was in this Working Group that Farmers' Rights were first addressed in the FAO system, but that did not come until 1986.