FAO, 1987: 'Summary Report on the Deliberations of the Contact Group by its Chairman', Report of the Second Session of the Commission on Plant Genetic Resources, 16-20 March 1987, CL 91/14, Appendix G.

The Contact Group proposed by the Working Group and created by the Commission was composed of 17 members, and met during the meeting of the Commission, on 17 March, 1987. The Summary Report gives the following account of the discussion on Farmers' Rights (paragraph 3):

"The Contact Group agreed that this was a difficult task: breeders' rights are already recognized by national legislation in many countries. The so-called 'Farmers' Rights', however, which stem from the work that farmers have performed over the centuries, which resulted in the formation of the land-races, have not found any recognition in the laws and institutions of nations. It was agreed that these rights, too, must be given some formal recognition. It was acknowledged that, while the so-called 'Farmers' Rights' could not yet be given a precise definition, some sort of compensation for their most valuable contribution to the enrichment of the plant genetic resources of the world was well-founded and legitimate. It was pointed out that one way of giving practical recognition to this right could be in a form of multifaceted international cooperation including a freer exchange of plant genetic resources, information and research findings, and training. Another way could be through monetary contribution for financing a programme for the furtherance of the objectives of the International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources."

Thus, the Contact Group did not arrive at a definition of 'Farmers' Rights', but outlined some ways and means of according practical recognition. The Contact Group concluded that the views expressed in the Contact Group, as well as in the Commission and in the Working Group, should be taken into account by the negotiating group in the search for a negotiated interpretation of the controversial provisions in the Undertaking (paragraph 8).