FAO, 1987: Report of the Council of FAO, Ninety-first Session, Rome, 17-26 June 1987, CL 91/REP.

At the Session of the FAO Council in June 1987, Farmers' Rights were addressed for the first time in a Council session (paragraph 104):

"The Council noted with satisfaction the Commission's decision to initiate negotiations through its Working Group to achieve an agreed interpretation of the controversial parts of the international Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources, and to include in this interpretation clarification and recognition of plant breeders' rights and Farmers' Rights."

However, in the ensuing Twenty-fourth Session of the Conference in Rome in November 1987, there was no reported mention of Farmers' Rights (C 1987/REP: Report of the Conference of FAO Twenty-fourth Session, Rome, 7-27 November 1987).